Tools/ methods of translating a Wwise project to an FMOD studio project


So we have files (.WPK .BNK) from a Wwise project, and due to the scope, having a tool to help with the transfer of this into FMOD would be great. Is it possible? I have no idea, but if there are any methods worth exploring then that would help massively instead of doing a one-by-one translation task.

Many thanks!


We don’t offer any such tool, and as far as I’m aware no such tool exists. This is especially true for formats like Wwise’s .BNK which also describe Wwise behaviours that don’t have one-to-one analogues in FMOD Studio. While it would be possible to use the Studio Scripting API to help automate the process, ultimately your best course of action is likely to be manually translating your WWise content and behaviors to FMOD Studio.


Thought as much but I was hoping for a miracle, no worries and thanks Louis!

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