Transition music issue


I need a little help, maybe someone here can make the light on an issue i have with a music integration in the game i work on.

I have an event for the menu / submenu music with 2 musics inside in order to switch between the musics and keep the rythm when i go in the menu or in the submenu. All is manage by a parameter from 0 to 1 (transition music). When i go to 1, i go to select_char and when i go to 0 i go to Home. You can see my setting in the screenshot.
Wen i start the game i have the first music (home), and when i go to the submenu i have the second music (select char) perfectly rythm synchronised, no problem here.
But when i come back from the ingame, the game brings me to the submenu so i need to hear to the second music (select character), and here is the issue : we hear very shortly but clearly the first music (home) and then it goes to the second music despite my parameter being 1.
Is this normal ? Is there another way to set it ? Maybe i need to make 2 separate events which i synchronize and call them when it need to, but i don’t know how to do that.
Thank for reading (and sorry for my bad english), i hope someone has an answer.

You should be able to avoid this problem by introducing a very short gap between creating the event instance and setting the parameter value, and playing the event instance. This is because the FMOD Engine needs to schedule transitions in advance, and so needs a small amount of advance notice to ensure they happen at the correct moment.

You might also want to do this:

  1. Move everything in that event a bar to the right.
  2. At the very start of the timeline, add two transition markers, one to the “Home” destination marker, and one to the “Select char” marker.
  3. Set the parameter conditions of these markers such that if the parameter is 0, the “Home” transition marker triggers, and if the parameter is 1, the “Select char” transition marker triggers.

By ensuring there is no instrument at the start of the event, you can guarantee that no instrument will play until the playback position jumps to the correct instrument.

Thank you Joseph, i’ll try this !

If you are able to set the value of the parameter while the event is stopped, doing so would allow you to avoid this problem without needing to modify your event.

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