Play event at location

Hi there!

I’m novice in FMOD and UE, and I’m trying to play sound (event) at specific location. How do I do that by using blueprints? If drag fmod event onto editor in UE it start play when I start the game, but I need only at specific location.

Thank you!!!


There are a couple of options:

  1. Play Event Attached node which allows you to specify a component for the event to follow
  2. Play Event at Location node which allows you to specify a location
  3. Add an Audio Component to the Blueprint then set its world location:

I will also link to our Blueprint Reference documentation as it lists all of our Blueprint callable nodes.

Hope this helps!

But you use “Event Begin Play”, but I need to start the game without sounds, and they must be activated for example when I overlapping the cube (SM_ChamferCube4).


This was just an example, any type of event can trigger these nodes.

Hope this helps