Triggering a 2D event (as 2D) inside a 3D event


I have a diegetic 3D sound effect that is associated with a non-diegetic 2D UI sound, and each routed to their own mixer buses. I want to trigger the UI sound at a specific point in the timeline of the 3D event, while still keeping them as separate events, if that makes sense.

I attempted to do it by having the 2D sound as an event instrument in the timeline, but then the 2D event is affected by the 3D positioning and uses the other event’s bus. Is there any way to keep their original behaviors?

Thank you!

Use a command instrument instead of an event instrument, and you’ll get the behavior you want.

This works because the event instances spawned by event instruments are routed into the parent event and so are affected by the parent event’s effects and routing, whereas the event instances spawned by command instruments are routed into their normal routing locations.