Triggering a 2D event (as 2D) inside a 3D event


I have a diegetic 3D sound effect that is associated with a non-diegetic 2D UI sound, and each routed to their own mixer buses. I want to trigger the UI sound at a specific point in the timeline of the 3D event, while still keeping them as separate events, if that makes sense.

I attempted to do it by having the 2D sound as an event instrument in the timeline, but then the 2D event is affected by the 3D positioning and uses the other event’s bus. Is there any way to keep their original behaviors?

Thank you!

Use a command instrument instead of an event instrument, and you’ll get the behavior you want.

This works because the event instances spawned by event instruments are routed into the parent event and so are affected by the parent event’s effects and routing, whereas the event instances spawned by command instruments are routed into their normal routing locations.


Does someone know, how the spatializer or 3D panner can be adjusted?

Because right now, no matter which setting in the 3D panner i change, the sound is always 360 degrees.

But i want to have mono sounds for the drivers voice of my car.

So the drivers voice should always come from the center (both speakers) while all other sounds should still be 360 degree sounds.

sorry i forgot to mention, that im using an old version of Fmod (1.5)

Newer versions are not supported in my game. And when i right click to open a command instrument, im left with this.

All guides i have seen, seem to use newer versions.
Is there another way to open a command instrument in my version?

thanks for ur reply. :slight_smile:

Command instruments were added in version 2.00.00, and so are not an option in earlier versions of FMOD Studio.

However, there are other ways to play a sound without spatializing it. For example, if you put the instruments you want to spatialize and the instruments you don’t want to spatializer on separate tracks, and then remove the spatializer effect from the event’s master track and add one to the spatialized track. The result will be that only that track will be subject to spatialization.

i made a foolish mistake… thats why i couldnt remove the 3d …

i thought i hear the sounds that i changed, but i forgot that i still have the 3d sounds in a different event. :')

Thanks for ur help!

I’m glad to hear you were able to get to the bottom of the issue.