Triggering FMOD

I am still a bit new to FMOD and was wondering about something which might seen counter intuitive but makes sense in my case:
Whats an not overly complicated way to trigger FMOD events from things other than game engines?

Like an ios app, or MIDI, other programming languages (which?) maybe max msp?
What could be turned into something that can trigger FMOD events according to some structure or use input? Ideally it would be standalone…

in other words: are there other, maybe strange ways to connect FMOD to other software?


Hi D,

Using the API you could in theory program FMOD into any software. An SDK is also available for iOS/Android/Windows 8 Phone, so whether it’s actually a game or not, it’s possible. As for implementing into MSP or PureData, you would have to write a plugin for MSP or PD using the FMOD Studio API (If you do this, feel free to send me the plugin :D).


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