FMOD Studio and API working together

Hi There,

What’s the expected way/process for work done in FMOD studio to be incorporated in a code base? I hope that makes sense. I’m new to FMOD and audio work/processes in general so I don’t understand how the two utilities are supposed to be used together.

Specifically, I’m a developer who’s working with an audio guy on a project that will eventually run on a raspberry pi. My audio friend has created an FMOD Studio project (if that’s the right term), where he has events that trigger certain audio he’s created. I want to codify what he’s done. Would I re-write what he’s done in FMOD Studio in code using the low level API or is there a button that spits out code or I hope this question makes sense?


Check out the FMOD Studio API examples, that should be enough to get you started :



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