Turn the FMOD_System_Create (@ FmodInt) error

I use the call FMOD delphixe11.3
Perfect running on the PC
But on the android mobile phone
FMOD_System_Create (@ FmodInt);
Where do I didn’t set the FMOD does not support the DELPHI cross-platform or say


Are you using FMOD Studio or just the Core API?

What version of either are you using?

Would it be possible to see a code snippet where it is failing?

  • I’m using the latest version of the 2.02.15 Core API

  • I hope the official big guy can write a simple cross-platform demo for the latest version of delphifmx. In fact, many delphi users can’t find a good sound engine

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Thanks for the info and providing the code.

Unfortunately, we no longer support Delphi. An option may be reaching out to the Delphi community.

Apologies I cannot assist further.