FMOD System create returns internal error


I have been trying to setup FMOD in my custom engine, after some troubles I managed
to include the header files and link the lib files into my executable.

A few issues arose:

  • My Engine complained that it needed vcruntime140_app.dll,
    I have copied that over from my win32 folder but was wondering why this needs to be included in the first place.

  • My application now executes but gives back a FMOD_ERR_INTERNAL when creating the system.

 FMOD::System* system;
    FMOD_RESULT result = FMOD::System_Create(&system);
    if (result != FMOD_OK) {
        // Handle error
        F_LOG_CORE_ERROR("Failed to create FMOD system");
        return 1;

dll/libs used:

  • fmod.dll
  • vcruntime140_APP.dll
  • fmod.lib

Any ideas what could be causing this to happen?

Edit: I appearantly used the wrong windows fmod version, I downloaded the Windows 10 UWP and that didn’t work, the other one does the trick.