Ubuntu 22 FMOD install

FMOD installs but runs as root only. besides this we still need the libssl1.1.

tracker-extract[19169]: Task for ‘file:///usr/share/applications/fmodstudio.desktop.dpkg-tmp’ finished with error: Error when getting information for file “/usr/share/applications/fmodstudio.desktop.dpkg-tmp”: No such file or directory
fmodstudio20211linux64-ins" label=“unconfined”

starting fmod as user gives permission denied

what can i do to solve this issue?


Your issue seems to be caused by libssl1.1 becoming deprecated in favor of libssl3 in Ubuntu 22.04, which obviously has a knock-on effect on FMOD Studio. I’ve passed this along to the dev team for further investigation, but in the meantime, try either grabbing libssl1.1 from the Ubuntu 20 LTS package directory and installing it, or installing libfuse2 and using the .AppImage version of FMOD Studio.

Bit of a late followup - I’ve done some more investigation into the permissions issue, which was caused by incorrect permissions being set in the .deb package. The issue has since been noted internally for further investigation. You should be able to solve it by running the command sudo chmod -R 755 /your/install/directory/here on your install directory (for me it’s /opt/fmodstudio), which will recursively grant execute permissions to all users for all files and directories in the install directory.