Unreal 4.20


Just wanted to ask when we might expect the integration for Unreal 4.20 to become available?

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Hi, I am wondering same.

Jacob, I suggest you peek the GitHub repository. Sometimes it will be there first.


We are hoping to have the UE4.20 integration available by the end of the month, we will also make an announcement over social media once it is available.

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Thanks for the info, will that include support for consoles (switch specifically)?

Yes, that will be for all platforms.

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hope you guys release plugin for 4.20 soon. No news of release date yet?

There is a bug in UE4.20 that is currently holding up our release, we are waiting on Epic to supply a fix for the engine.

In the mean time, you can get the source code from our github and use it with the 4.19 integration libs.

Just Came across this Article hoping for some more news update soon. :frowning:

You are waiting on epic to supply a fix to their engine do you have any Eta on when this might be. Really hope some news is released soon as we may be forced to stop using Fmod as we need to migrate to 4.20.

“Epic does not work with Firelight Technologies nor do we support FMOD/UE4 issues.”

Hey Daniel,

The integration for 4.20 was released for all platforms except iOS on 16th August. There was a tweet about it:

Hope this helps.



Thanks Jacob good to have some more info cheers :slight_smile:

Hi does the 4.20 plugin works for iOS now ?

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Yes it does.

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Thank you very much