UE 4.26 Perforce

Since updating FMOD to 4.26. Perforce wants to add events as uasset files which is really inconvenient.
Do I need to check them out and submit them, or should they be ignored?

The other thing is the AssetLookup.uasset. It is marked changed for everyone locally. What can I do about that?

Thank you in advanced

We’re using FMOD Studio 2.01.10.

The way we do it is to add all folders to p4ignore except for “desktop” and any other platforms you’re shipping

I’ve the same issues and the solution to exclude this files from source control introduce another problem: FMOD plugin creates those files when reloading banks in the Unreal editor.
There could be timing problems when starting the editor because the autoloaded Level Map could contains references to new FMOD object that are not yet created as uassets on local disk, removing those missing references. In a team work this could cause a number of problems.
Maybe starting the editor with a blank map to give FMOD time to build uassets could be a good practice, but anyway this is not optimal because before running a command-line game build from a build machine you need to be sure latest FMOD uassets has been created by Editor.
What do you guys suggest?
Is there a way to manually invoke FMOD uassets building in order to put some functions in the build machine batch ?

That is correct, if the assets are not present before the editor starts then they do not get generated by the time the editor needs to reference them for a loaded map. The references in that map will disappear until the map is reloaded.

I have just added a preview of the custom commandlet for our integration to github:

This is Amazing cameron, thanks!
We are going to invoke this in the build machine batches
We could also add a useful button in Ueditor to “refresh” banks import if needed


That does sound like a good idea, I’ll add a task to add that functionality to the current “Reload Banks” option in the file menu.

We’ve have the same problem but we resolved always building fmod banks with the project open in ue4,

for now its working