Building from the commandline doesn't generate uassets

From what I could gather, it seems there are a lot of folders inside Content/FMOD, like Banks, Buses, Events, Reverbs and Snapshots which are only generated when one opens the UE4 software itself.

Problem is, we have a Continuous Integration system generating builds for us, all from the command line, and that seems to never generate those assets so all our builds are coming without sound.

What is the correct way to deal with that?

Edit: It seems the files are regenerated every time the ue4 is opened, regardless if there was any changes or not (at least according to logs), so I’m a little scared of just adding them to the source control, since that might just create merge conflicts for everyone.

You have to open the project in the editor when the FMOD Studio banks change for those asset files to be generated. The generated asset files can be checked into source control for a CI system to use when building.

This is because references to anything in the FMOD Studio project cannot be generated without using UE4 editor.