UE4.15 log spam ...getting lots of 'virtual channel' warnings

I’ve tried turning off ‘Vol0Virtual’ in project settings and rebuilt banks with all events stealing properties now set to ‘oldest’ …but still getting spammed with a ton of these in editor log:

LogFMOD:Warning: e:\jk\workspace\1. Build_UE4_1.9_Libs\lowlevel_api\src\fmod_channeli.cpp(419) - Ignoring force virtual since channel just went real

I’m getting shouted at by programmers …help!

(UE4.15 with Studio 1.09.01)

Sorry for getting you in trouble with the programmers, while it is handy to have warnings these in particular are probably not the most useful.

We will reassess some of the common warnings seen in editor in upcoming releases.

In the meantime, for this warning there isn’t much you can do as it is coming from the low level libs. You can change the debug level manually in FMODStudioModule.cpp to FMOD_DEBUG_LEVEL_ERROR, but then you may miss some more important warnings.

We’re having the same issues, with similar backlash as the output log is shared with all the project’s developers!