UE4.15 PS4 event errors...

Hi, we are getting the following error(s) on our latest PS4 build …errors that don’t happen on (100% working) PC build:

‘Compiled in export /Game/FMOD/Events/UI/PressX/PressX not found; it was never registered.’

…that is just an example of one event (of well over 200) that is assigned to one single MasterBank.
If I unassign that one event from the bank and rebuild, the next referenced event just flags up same error - the error seems to suggest it’s looking for a subfolder of same name as the event, that doesn’t actually exist.
If all events unassigned, we get same errors on Snapshots & VCA’s !
We have had PS4 working on older FmodStudio (1.08.x) …it maybe a path reference thing with latest PS4 integration?
PS4 + Desktop project is exactly the same - except output compression settings.

(using UE4.15 + Fmod 1.09.05, PS4 atrac9 v3.0)

I have seen this before when the blueprints are being loaded before the FMOD plugin, see the steps on the deployment page “Loading blueprints before plugin load”.