Help! - GetEventDescription returning Null even though GUIDs match

UE4 Version: 4.16.3
FMOD Version: 1.09.04

FFMODStudioModule::GetEventDescription returns nullptr because StudioSystem[Context]->getEventByID(&Guid, &EventDesc); doesn’t set the EventDesc (stays nullptr) for the Wreck event.

In UE4, I can see my one-shot events in the content browser window. When I open them up, I can even hit play and hear the events sound. The problem comes when trying to play them from Blueprints while running the editor. Simple one shot events won’t fire with a Play, Play Event Attached, etc. etc. If I change it to an FMOD event that has parameter settings in it, it works just fine.

When I change it to a One Shot event, I get nothing, even though the BP is still hitting the sound. I’ve been testing this with 3 other people for a few days and non of us can figure out what’s going on. Is it possible it has something to do with a recent update?

Hopefully I’m just missing something here…

It sounds like the blueprints are loading before the FMOD plugin, see the steps on the deployment page “Loading blueprints before plugin load”.

Thank you for the input! I’m not entirely convinced that this is the issue though…

I’m able to play sounds from the pawn before the “One Shot” event is triggered and after.

The only events that successfully play from the Pawn and don’t return a “null” lookup are ones with parameters. I have lots of sounds playing from the Pawn, it’s just the “One Shot” events that don’t work.

I just did some more testing, now it seems, whenever I add a new event, it doesn’t work at all. It only seems to read my existing events. Why do my new events now work in BP event thought they work in UE4 content browser?

Ah yes sorry. I’m not sure why one shot events would return a null event description. I tried to reproduce this with no luck, are you able to repro this in a new/empty project?

Hey Cameron, I think I figured it out. I was building ban ks with 1.9.04 and UE4’s Plug-in API was on 1.8.15

Although some new events were still working… We are going to update the integration and see if the problem persists. It’s always the obvious things… sigh…

That could definitely cause some undesired behavior, let me know how you go.

Nevermind… The problem seems to persist even when making new events with the new version… When I load the events into UE4 now, they show up but the parameters and everything from FMOD does not show on events I made on 1.9.

The solution ended up being:
Deleting UE4 cache, and un-assign the events from their current channel routing then re-assign to the same bank.