UE4 4.10

(Grzegorz Switalski) #1

Any estimation for UE4 4.10 support?

(Geoff Carlton) #2

We’ve tested the plugin against 4.10 and it works fine. We’re looking to do a release this week if we can.

(Carlos Díaz) #3

Hi there!!

Just tried to use FMOD in UE4.10 but it gives me an error related with FMODStudioOculus… and says it may not be compatible with the version of the engine.

Any thoughts?

(Geoff Carlton) #4

To use it in 4.10 you’ll either need to wait for our release, or recompile the plugin yourself. If you want to recompile it, steps are listed here: http://www.fmod.org/questions/question/4-9-support/

(Carlos Díaz) #5

Thanks for the info! Ill try to do what yoy say, cheers!

(Grzegorz Switalski) #6

Thanks for the info!

(Anders Jakobsen Hofsten) #7

Same. Have to postpone updating UE until FMOD is compatible. Made me sad to say the least. Sad, but it was expected.

(Geoff Carlton) #8

I’d like to improve the speed of our releases. The actual integration itself is tested against the pre-release versions. The delay is a combination of updating packaging scripts, and the fact that we sync with the next FMOD patch release (done every 2 weeks on average).

(Anders Jakobsen Hofsten) #9

Have to say that I am indeed very impressed with your update-scheme in general :slight_smile:

(Jesse Lyon) #10

I’ve just tested out FMOD 1.07.03 with UE4.10 and everything seems relatively fine, however Im hearing a lot of compression pumping on the Master Bus, without any compressor being active. Is anyone else getting this after the update?

(Geoff Carlton) #11

Hi Jesse, there shouldn’t be any difference like that from a patch release. If you contact support@fmod.com we can chase it up and see if we can get a repro.