UE4 4.26 Plugin folder structure

It looks like the folder structure is different for the 4.26 plugin vs previous ones. In previous ones, each additional platform would have its own FMODStudio folder, and you would just paste the folders over each other. However, now it seems like the additional platform downloads have a Platforms folder with something like PS4 in it, that then has Config and Plugins, where the former has an .ini and the latter has an FmodStudio folder. But then inside that, there is a .uplugin file that can’t be pasted over the original one.

What I’m asking in a very drawn out way is what is the upgrade process to 4.26, since it seems like the folder structure for other platforms has changed. Thanks!

Figured this one out - the answer is to drop the Platforms folder directly under your project folder, in parallel to the Plugins folder.

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Also - the PS5 platform contains install notes that explain this, but the PS4 platform does not. Might be useful to add it.

Glad you managed to figure the issue out.

That is a good point, I have added a task to do this.