UE 4.25 Plug In

Hi everyone,

Do we have an eta on the 4.25 plug in or will the 4.24 one work?


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I’m currently not able to get 4.25 to launch with 4.24 plugin files. I get this error -

" Message - Plugin ‘FMODStudio’ failed to load because module ‘FMODStudio’ could not be found. Please ensure the plugin is properly installed, otherwise consider disabling the plugin for this project."

The UE4.24 plugin won’t work with UE4.25, we are working on the integration for it but it was on hold while we got the latest release out. We will make an announcement when it is available to download.


Ill keep an eye out, thanks Cameron!

I have made some changes to compile and open my project in UE4.25 and fmod 2.01.01 (we come from UE 4.22.2 and fmod 1.10.14).
I can now play in the editor and most fmod events work fine (for testing prupposse)

These are my changes:

FMODListener.cpp >> Comment the lines 52 and 56 wit MAX_FILTER_FREQUENCY references

FMODStudioModule.cpp >> remove PLATFORM_QUAIL from lines 410 and 428

FMODChannelEditor.cpp >> comment from line 25 to line 27

with these changes we can open the project in UE4.25 and detect other upgrade issues in our blueprints

also in project settings we setup the name of master bank in fmod section

from Master (the default value) to Master Bank.

I hope this help you while the awesome fmod team launch the new release

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Sorry for the redundant question, but is there an estimate of when an update will be out for compatibility with UE 4.25? My team is eager to update in order to access some of the new features, and I’m hoping to assess how long it would be if we wait on an update to FMOD so that we can decide how to proceed.


Here’s an Update to fix the pluging (for testing purposes)

FMODListener.cpp instead comment lines 52 and 56, add this include

#include "AudioDefines.h"

FMODStudioModule.cpp >> instead remove PLATFORM_QUAIL from lines 410 and 428

add this define

#if !defined(PLATFORM_QUAIL)
     #define PLATFORM_QUAIL 0

FMODChannelEditor.cpp >> instead comment from line 25 to line 27 you should add #include "SEnumCombobox.h"

and in FMODStudioEditor.Build.csyou should add "EditorWidgets" in PrivateDependencyModuleNames something like this:

                new string[]

also in project settings setup the name of master bank in fmod section

from Master (the default value) to Master Bank.

and thats a temporal fix while the incredible FMOD team launch a release for 4.25,
this is not a definitive solution, its just to allow to make build for testing


An almost the whole month has been a passed. Guys can you start migration work when a new preview version engine released? Or it is impossible to begin plugin migration work on the “unreal engine preview” builds?

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In case anyone runs into the same problem, the fixes listed for FMODChannelEditors.cpp didn’t work for me. Instead, I changed lines 26-28 to:

> ChildSlot[MovieSceneToolHelpers::MakeEnumComboBox(InEnum,
> 			TAttribute<int32>::Create(TAttribute<int32>::FGetter::CreateSP(this, &SFMODEventControlKeyEditor::OnGetCurrentValueAsInt)),
> 			TBaseDelegate<void, int32, ESelectInfo::Type>::CreateSP(this, &SFMODEventControlKeyEditor::OnChangeKey))];

This way, opening the help menu won’t crash the editor.