[UE4 4.26] Source control checked in events cause engine crash

Unreal Engine with source control sees events as “new assets” that need to be pushed to our source control depot, but if I push assets to source control FMOD can no longer access assets since events are no longer writable thus causing an engine crash.

The fix for this is to not push events to source control, but that has become an issue since we have 20+ events that need to be manually deselected each push. In previous FMOD versions(and or engine version), it would ignore these files and never prompt for a push.

Is there any workaround/fix to this issue? (we tried adding ignores to Perforce but unreal won’t push assets that are ignored through the engine) Is this an engine issue or change in FMOD, at this point I just want pushed in the right direction if anything.

The source control we use is Perforce and we have both Unreal Engine 4.26 and FMOD hooked up to the source control.


This is causing us problems as well.

A look through the code shows that FFMODAssetBuilder is rebuilding all assets every time you launch the editor. It appears to use the NameLookup map to find existing assets, but that map is empty when BuildAssets is called, so it thinks all assets are new.

We’re using git so this manifests as every asset being marked as modified every time the editor is run.


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Thanks for reporting these issues (seen also in this issue: UE Fmod Perforce uasset (un)tracking problem). We’re working on fixing the source control issues with the generated uassets for our next release, due early March.

I have checked the post you mentioned and visited GitHub / used the newly posted 2.01.09 UE4 plugin from the FMOD downloads page directly. Neither has fixed said issue.

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I followed up on this in the other thread (UE Fmod Perforce uasset (un)tracking problem). I’ll close this thread to keep conversation about the issue in one place.

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