UE4 FMOD - Clicks in audio when using "Set Bus Paused" node

I have the node attached to “Is Game Paused” bool. It does work but I get clicks whenever the game pauses mid event, some sounds are affected more than others. I have tried putting the node on Event tick, with and without Branch and DoOnce but I get the same problem.

Is it possible to set an envelope within FMOD studio to counteract this?


We have reproduced the bug and it has been scheduled to be looked at by an engineer.

Will this issue be revised for the current version of the UE4 integration package? We’re currently on a tight schedule, if this will be included in a later version, is there a temporary fix that can be made in the meantime?

This issue has been scheduled for investigation during February so any fix would be targeting our 1.08.17 (March 1st) release.

This bug is still present in 1.09.05. To my recollection, it was never fixed in 1.08.x. It’s even more noticeable on PS4.

There were some fixes done in 1.08.18 regarding streams, however if you are still having problems please send a recording of the issue to support@fmod.com and we can investigate.

it is still not fixed on 1.10.11

Can you please start a new thread and provide some information about your project and the issue.
eg. FMOD version, Game engine used (if applicable), any errors or warnings in the logs, any other specifics on the issue.