UE4 FMOD - Clicks in audio when using "Set Bus Paused" node

(Chris D'Arcy) #1

I have the node attached to “Is Game Paused” bool. It does work but I get clicks whenever the game pauses mid event, some sounds are affected more than others. I have tried putting the node on Event tick, with and without Branch and DoOnce but I get the same problem.

Is it possible to set an envelope within FMOD studio to counteract this?


(Cameron Baron) #2

We have reproduced the bug and it has been scheduled to be looked at by an engineer.

(Chris D'Arcy) #3

Will this issue be revised for the current version of the UE4 integration package? We’re currently on a tight schedule, if this will be included in a later version, is there a temporary fix that can be made in the meantime?

(Mathew Block) #4

This issue has been scheduled for investigation during February so any fix would be targeting our 1.08.17 (March 1st) release.

(Samuele Perseo) #5

This bug is still present in 1.09.05. To my recollection, it was never fixed in 1.08.x. It’s even more noticeable on PS4.

(Mathew Block) #6

There were some fixes done in 1.08.18 regarding streams, however if you are still having problems please send a recording of the issue to support@fmod.com and we can investigate.