Pause and Unpause an programmer event in BP

I want to pause and unpause an event with programmer instrument and the event is used in a blueprint.
I know how the sustain points and the trigger cue node works, but it seems like that can’t be used in my case because the pause time is not predictable.
The “Event Instance Set Paused” seems to work to pause the event, but not to unpause it.
I thought it would work with two Event Instance Set Paused nodes, one with paused checked and one with paused unchecked and then execute it when it should unpause, but it isn’t doing anything.

Event Instance Play :slight_smile:

You should get a warning if it was unable to successfully call setPaused, I can’t see why it wouldn’t work.

What versions of FMOD and UE4 are you using?

I think I can’t edit the original post, but somehow the “Event Instance Set Pause” is working now.
Maybe it was solved by an Editor Restart…
I guess I can say “Year, Unreal-Engine…” :roll_eyes:
Event Instance Play eventually works, too.