Pause a sequence and lose sound when played

Unreal Version - 4.27.2
FMOD Plugin Version - 2.02.06


If you pause the sequence and resume it, there is a problem that the sound cannot be heard.

Reproduction methods are as follows:

  1. Play the sequence containing FMOD-Event.
  2. Pause the Level Sequence Player.
  3. Play the Level Sequence Player.

Is there any solution?

We tried to bind the play function of FMODAudioComponent to the sequence, but in this case, the sound is not played at the sequence-editor time.


Currently, when you pause the sequence it will end the event instance which means it cannot be resumed from within the sequence again. I will pass this on to our development team to look into further.

Could you elaborate on what you are trying to do with the sequence that requires it to play and pause?


Sorry for the late confirmation.

When expressing game effect in Sequence, you should stop in the following situations:

  1. Press the pause button.
  2. When the app is in the background

Do you need any more information?

Is there a way around?

I wonder what direction the discussion with the development team is going.

Thanks for sharing that.

Unfortunately, this currently isn’t possible from a sequence. This can be done on an event through a blueprint if you can get the current state of the game and pass that to the event. E.g. playing, paused, and/or in the background.

Currently, the ticket is still in our backlog.

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