UE4 integration location

(Martin Robinson) #1

Hi. I saw that the UE4 integration was due for release with Studio 1.5. But I can’t find it anywhere, in the Mac or Windows downloads or in a separate location. Is it generally available or do we need to request a pre-release version?


(Nicholas Wilcox) #2

Hi Martin,

The official release is being delayed while we work on documentation, examples, and tutorial content. But you can contact support@fmod.org to get a release candidate of the plugin code.

(Cam Mason) #3

Do you have a release date scheduled? If it will only be a couple more days then I won’t bother getting the pre-release, but can you give an estimate on how long the delay will be? A week, 2 weeks, month? Thanks.

(Adrian Lazar) #4

I’m interested in the same thing. Knowing if its a matter of days, weeks or months would really help planning.

Thank you.

(Mathew Block) #5

The current plan is to release the official integration this week.

(Geoff Carlton) #6

The integration has been officially released, and is available from the FMOD download page.