UE4 integration location

Hi. I saw that the UE4 integration was due for release with Studio 1.5. But I can’t find it anywhere, in the Mac or Windows downloads or in a separate location. Is it generally available or do we need to request a pre-release version?


Hi Martin,

The official release is being delayed while we work on documentation, examples, and tutorial content. But you can contact support@fmod.org to get a release candidate of the plugin code.

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Do you have a release date scheduled? If it will only be a couple more days then I won’t bother getting the pre-release, but can you give an estimate on how long the delay will be? A week, 2 weeks, month? Thanks.

I’m interested in the same thing. Knowing if its a matter of days, weeks or months would really help planning.

Thank you.

The current plan is to release the official integration this week.

The integration has been officially released, and is available from the FMOD download page.