Any Update on UE4 Integration?

I am anxiously waiting to use FMOD in UE4, and the previous message in the UE4 forum topic here was a while ago…

So, any news to share, is a plugin almost ready? if not any chance you could give a time range when this may be ready? such as a week, month, 3 months, next year?

Audio is such a pain in the — right now, especially for vehicles (which is especially bad for me as I am doing a racing game). So any news would be great!

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Hi Cam,
The UE4 integration is being worked on right now! We’re only a few working days away from sending out our first pre-release to interested developers.

The official release will coincide with the release of FMOD Studio 1.05, which is slated for early September.

If you want to start getting pre-release builds then contact support and we can start sending them out to you.



Awesome!! That sounds great, thank you for such a quick response! :slight_smile: