UE4.14/FMOD Integration Release?

My team’s planning to upgrade to UE 4.14 in November due to its increase in VR rendering support, so I know I’ll have to update both FMOD and the integration plugin.

I’m currently working in UE 4.11 and FMOD 1.08 and wondering if there’s an expected release date for FMOD integration for 4.14. Does FMOD coordinate with Unreal to release the FMOD/UE4 integration packages around the same time?

Our next release will be at the end of November so if UE 4.14 lands in time we’ll certainly support it.

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Awesome. Thanks, Andrew!

Epic aims to release 4.14 before Thanksgiving. If they manage, will you have time to release FMOD with 4.14 support? If not, when do you have next release planned ?


If they release in the next week or so then we might be able to get it in for our November release. If not, it’ll go in our December release.