UE5.1 support and async physics

Hello, I have two questions.

  1. When can we expect support for the new Version?

  2. Can we reach FMOD from the physics async thread? I myself use Audiomotors and that doesnt like variable framerates (LeSound doesn’t respond or wants to fix this plugin). Cause then we could set parameters in fixed intervals and the plugin works at least in this regard :D.

Best regards.

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Unfortunately, I cannot give a timeline. But you can get the early access plugin for 5.1 off our Github page: GitHub - fmod/fmod-for-unreal at 2.02-UE5.01. It will have to be rebuilt, the instructions for doing so can be found under Unreal Integration | User Guide. Make sure all the versions line up when rebuilding the plugin as the error codes are rather unhelpful.

Yes, you can use the Event Async Physics Tick to update the Set Parameter node like so:

Hope this helps!

I will try it as soon as the plugin is available for 5.1 because we already upgraded. I am so excited :slight_smile:

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