Unity integration general question

General question for whoever has experience

Are there any major compatibility issues between FMOD 1.10.08
Unity 2018.3.4

I cant seem to find documentation on possible issues for the next game I’ll be working on

There shouldn’t be any compatibility issues, although using the latest version of the integration (currently 1.10.11) is always recommended.

Does the latest integration work with banks made and generated from FMOD 1.10.08?

Also, if I’m transfering the Project file itself from one computer to another, will Unity recognize the audio files in the project? or do I need to transfer more to the other computer than just the FMOD project file?

New API versions will work with older banks of any version, whereas an older API version will only be able to load newer banks built with the same major version (eg. 1.10.xx).

What project file are you referring to exactly?