Unreal issue with localized bank

Using unreal 4.27, I did the following:

  1. Set up everything correctly so it worked with a “regular” master bank (i.e. I can play 2D events in Unreal)
  2. Added a localized audio table to my main bank
  3. Added sounds to a “ENG” subfolder, verifying that sound files are found
  4. Added the ENG locale to the unreal project, setting it as default, loading all banks
  5. Built all platforms (to Unreal’s Content/FMOD folder as preferences’ build target folder)

Now there are a few issues that this created. In Unreal/FMOD/Desktop, I only see Master_ENG being built (I think that’s fiine, as per the documentation), but:

  • Unreal complains on startup (and in logs I can see) that it cannot find the original Master bank (without _ENG).
  • Master.uasset doesn’t seem to update itself, also no new events are showing up
  • Strangely, the log says that Unreal IS loading Master_ENG

So it can find _ENG, but still seems to be using the base non-ENG version for events and loading (?).

I feel there is something obvious I’m missing, but everything seems to be set up properly. :confused:

Thank you for any assistance!

So to clarify, here is the state of our folders in the Unreal project:


At load time, we get:

Loading bank: ../TEST/Content/FMOD/Desktop/Master_ENG.bank
Loading bank: ../TEST/Content/FMOD/Desktop/Master_ENG.strings.bank
Error: c:\jk\workspace\Build__2.2__Unreal_Win\studio_api\src\fmod_bankmodel.cpp(170) - Failed to open file '../TEST/Content/FMOD/Desktop/Master.bank'
Error: c:\jk\workspace\Build__2.2__Unreal_Win\studio_api\src\fmod_bankmodel.cpp(170) - Failed to open file '../TEST/Content/FMOD/Desktop/Master.strings.bank'
Warning: Failed to load bank: ../TEST/Content/FMOD/Desktop/Master.bank (File does not exist)
Warning: Failed to load bank: ../TEST/Content/FMOD/Desktop/Master.strings.bank (File does not exist)

So it LOOKS like it’s looking to load the right “_ENG” banks, BUT somehow looking for the OLD non-ENG files (?).

Also as mentioned, new events don’t get added, it seems to be stuck with the pre-localization set up.

I also noticed that Master.uasset does not get updated when we build, which might explain stale data (?).

I don’t mind reimporting the whole FMOD project, but I’m not sure how that works (how does the uasset get created/updated if not when building from FMOD?).

Thank you!

So Studio is only building the Master_ENG localized bank and not the Master bank? What is your banks browser looking like? e.g

Perhaps try setting the Master Bank Name to Master_ENG?

Hi! Thank you. Yes it looks like only Master_ENG is being built; I was assuming this is the expected behavior with localized banks (i.e. skipping the non-localized master)?

If it can help, here is the banks display:

And the Unreal settings:

With regard to changing the Master Bank Name, it did SEEM to fix it as I get no loading errors and I see the new events.

However since I’m dealing with localized content, shouldn’t it stay “Master” so the locales’ names get appended? Is this a weird side effect of adding a localized audio table after the fact?

Thank you!

(edit: autocorrect typo)

Thanks for the extra info, I have reproduced this issue now. It looks like this is due to a Localized Audio Table being present on the Master bank. Try creating a new bank, e.g “Dialogue”, and creating the Audio Table on that instead.
I think this is perhaps behaviour that shouldn’t be supported- there shouldn’t be any need to have localized Master banks and it has potential to cause issues, so I’ll pass this on to the dev team to look into.

Thank you for looking into it! I guess this makes sense.

As an easy stopgap, I would sugggest updating the documentation by adding a single line “Note: Localized Audio Tables should be created on a bank separate from the Master bank” or something like that.

Currently Audio Table docs just mention “Each bank can have only one audio table” and other such language but nothing about having a separate bank.

Thanks again!

I agree- I have created a task to update the docs to recommend having localized audio tables on non-master banks to avoid these confusing scenarios. Thanks for the suggestion!