Update convolution reverb IR every frame?


I’m trying to update IR for convolution reverb attached to bus in order to simulate environment reverberation in real-time.

For test purpose IR has length 1 second (48000 samples) and consists of single impulse. If I update IR on each frame, sound become very distorted.

Is it possible to update IR every frame? Is there any workaround?
FMOD version: 2.02.20.

Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately the IR cannot be updated that frequently without artifacts. We have had a few requests to have a real-time IR input for the Convolution Reverb, I’ll bump the task.
If all you need is a different convolution reverb per room you enter, you could achieve this with two convolution reverb instances and fading between them. If you actually need to update the IR every frame then there is currently no way to do this unfortunately.