Old project doesnt prompt for migration; tells me that the version is incompatible

I am trying to open an old FMOD studio project but I just get this error every time I do.
Can anybody help?
There is no prompt to migrate or anything; it just spits this out and nothing more happens after clicking ok.

This error message usually indicates that you’re trying to use an old version of FMOD Studio to load a project made in a newer FMOD Studio version. If I had to guess, I’d say you’re trying to open an FMOD Studio project made in version 2.01.00 in FMOD Studio version 2.00.xx or 1.10.xx.

It’s not possible to “migrate backward” from a newer version to an older version, only “forward” from an older version in a newer version. This is because there is no way for an old version of FMOD Studio to interpret content that makes use of new features that had not yet been added to FMOD Studio when that old version of the application was released.

im not sure how its even possible tbh. i never opened that project in a newer fmod than 2.00.10 previously; and even weirder, it opens fine in an older fmod version, 2.00.02.

even if i edit the .fspro file in notepad++ to change the version number, it still wont open and gives the same error, just with the new edited version number, regaurdless of what it is.

EDIT: turns out the folder name of my fmod installation got wrong somehow; actually it makes sense now cause what i thought was an older version 2.00.02, was actually 2.01.00 after all. weird…
why is the fmod studio you download from the website not the most recent version?!

The our downloads page defaults to the most recent version of FMOD Studio not in early access. Once version 2.01.xx is out of early access, we’ll change the downloads default to latest patch release of that version.

Versions of FMOD Studio marked as early access contain significant new changes, and may contain undiscovered bugs and other sources of instability. We fix these issues in patch releases, and remove the “early access” label once we are confident that the version is ready to be used in a released game. Of course, you are free to use an early access version if you want access to the new features it contains, but we recommend using a non-early access version unless you are right at the start of development and will have multiple opportunities to update to newer versions, so that you can obtain fixes for any bugs you encounter.