Use "Load", "RPM" Parameters from "Engine Designer" in UE4?

Hi. It so sad, but nowhere I can’t find information about using the integrated “Engine designer” FMOD model in UE4. Unfortunately, the parameter “Load” didn’t auto calculating in ue4, like in the “Engine designer” window in FMOD, when you changed via RPM’s slider value. Which advice you can give me? Code this system myself in UE4, or you know another solution in FMOD?

What do I want? If my train keeping a certain speed, the volume of the engine sound should be fade.

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

I could be wrong, but it seems Engine Designer script is only for monitoring purposes, so I’m afraid you’ll have to write the code yourself in UE4! You can look inside the script with a code editor.

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As Alcibiade says, the Engine Designer example script included with FMOD Studio is just that: An example. Specifically, it’s an example of how you could mirror a game’s code for handling engine parameters in FMOD Studio for the purposes of auditioning.

It does not represent the best or only way to model an engine. Every game has different requirements, and so every game models its engines differently. Racing games, for example, tend to have complex engine events with many parameters representing different components of the engine’s behavior, because engines are so important to that genre; whereas a game that only features engine noise as part of its background ambiance might not control its engine with parameters at all.

As with any event, you should decide what you require an engine event to do in your game, give the event the content required to produce that behavior and the parameters required to control that content, and write code for your game that sets those parameters to the appropriate values at the appropriate times.

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Thank you very much for your replies! Through some hours I found a solution: calling some sounds via setting FMOD timeline position. If you know a better way to implement the logic of calling actions in FMOD - tell me!

I don’t understand: why would you set the timeline position, since engine events usually don’t use timeline sheet at all (but rather parameter sheets)?

I will try to explain. So, in the FMOD event, I have two Audio Tracks: Acceleration and Deceleration. But, if my train keeping a certain speed, I wanna replace sound. So, how i can do it without an FMOD timeline, where I place the necessary sound? How I can summon this sound another way?

Ok why not. You also could use magnet regions (or transition regions), triggered by a discrete parameter. That could allow you to set a transition timeline, if needed, for smoothing the switch.

Thanks! Magnet regions are awesome!