Users Replace FMOD Assets in Unity


I’ve been following an older forum where someone was attempting to create user generated content to be used as an audio source in FMOD. The post can be found here:

I’ve been following along and it has been really helpful, however when implementing it myself I am met with a unity error

It seems that unity returns no sound when triggering the playaudiofile() function, even after locating the correct file path to the audio asset within Unity’s asset folder. Been troubleshooting it for a bit and can’t seem to understand why FMOD is having issues.

Would love some guidance! Thank you!


That message indicates that no Sound was passed to the programmer sound during the callback. It’s likely that the Core API Sound object you’re creating in the callback is invalid in some way, or that it isn’t being assigned to the parameterPtr argument of the callback correctly. I would recommend observing the result returned by your calls to the FMOD API to see whether anything specific is going wrong.

If you are unable to track down the issue, feel free to upload your code (or a stripped down version of it) where you can reproduce the issue here so that I can take a look at it.