Using debug callbacks with Unity 5 integration on Android

(Renaud Bédard) #1


Is it possible to make the Unity 5 integration of FMOD load the debug versions of FMOD libraries on Android so that I can use the FMOD5_Debug_Initialize function to log eveything to the console or something in-game?
As far as I can tell the “L” versions of the libraries are not included in the Unity 5 package for Android, and the preprocessor branches in RuntimeManager only accept UNITY_STANDALONE_WIN/OSX for debug functions.
This makes it pretty hard to understand what’s going on for Android targets.


(Mathew Block) #2

Yes indeed it looks like an oversight that it wasn’t included.

We’ll aim to get that fixed up for a future release, in the meantime you could grab the Android logging versions from our API installer and update the C# to load it.