Using FMOD Script to set Action Sheet playback type

I’m working on a script to convert oneshot events from timeline to actions. However I’m struggling where there is an event with multiple tracks/instruments - if I create a blank Action Sheet and copy those events into it (this also happens doing it in Studio), the Action Sheet is by default set to play back “Consecutive” whereas I want the playback to be “Concurrent” by default
Looking at the dump() from the action sheet or its properties doesn’t seem to give me anything, nor does checking the XML for the events - if I change it to Concurrent, the XML file doesn’t change. Where is it defined? And is it possible to set it through scripting?

Oh, I’ve found it - if anybody else is looking for this, it’s in the MultiSound on the Action Sheet, under the parameter playbackMode. playbackMode = 0 is consecutive, playbackMode = 1 is concurrent. :sparkles: