Bank files throwing "do not exist on disk" and with perforce integration

As I understand the Event files are always meant to show the ? mark as they are read from the bank files. How ever my bank files also show ? and are unable to load onto perforce unless manually added.

Also when I’ve tried to organize the Events into folders, the Event files become able to submit but the FMOD project will just rebuild new ones back to the original FMOD/Desktop folder. Is there a way to organize the events into folders?

Thank you very much

The problem appears to be that the files it is trying to add to perforce are actually .uasset files, not the .bank files. These are in memory assets created just like the event assets.

It doesn’t look like you can add the actual .bank files to perforce through the UE4 plugin.
I will create a task to investigate this further.


I also ran into this issue, and I’m pretty sure it has to do with managing the FMOD and UE4 projects through Perforce (possibly other source control programs).

Since I’m only working with one other person, we are able to work around this by re-importing all the assets whenever we load our UE4 project. This isn’t the best solution, and probably not effective for larger teams, but on a smaller scale it is functional.

NOTE - We haven’t gotten to packaging a build for outside testing, so there may be more complications there.

I wonder if there any update on this?

The reason I ask is that I am working with a team of sound designers and we use Perforce + UE4 and wonder how do we push the files between each other, as the FMOD does not save uasset files, and stores them in memory?

We’ve managed to manually copy the files within the folder and then push them, and were successfully able to pull them off Perforce, but that’s a laborious process, as you need to duplicate the files within UE4, then close everything, rename them so, they have the original names and properly referenced, then mark the files for add in Perforce, and then push in Perforce.

I am rather surprised, this was not solved/brought up again. Do other people use other workflow/workaround, or just don’t use FMOD with big teams, UE4 and source control?