Virtual sound is still play on mobile

I play a event which it is far away from the listener. The instance is virtual and I can not hear the sound in the Unity Editor. That’s right. But I found it is different on mobile. Even the instance is virtual, but the sound is still play the head and stop immediately, and the sound is played at the position(0,0,0). So, I can hear a short and quick sound in a wrong place and a wrong effect. How I can fix it?

What version of FMOD are you using?

I set position after create the sound instance, then set attached to gameobject to fix this problem. I found attach to gameobject will update the instance position in time on mobile. I don’t know why FMOD do different way on different platform. And I don’t know why this problem happens when many instances are playing

I don’t think anything is being done differently on different platforms, it is likely to do with the performance of the different platforms.

Pre 1.10.11, AttachInstanceToGameObject wouldn’t set the actual instance position until the second FMOD system update. On slower devices this would be more noticeable as the FPS would be lower.

To work around this you could do something like this:


In 1.10.11, we changed AttachInstanceToGameObject to set the 3D Attributes immediately.
Although you would need to Attach the instance before starting it to avoid the sound starting real.