Voice Languages

Does Fmod support audio in different laguages? And from the game you can select which one should be loaded and played?

FMOD Studio supports localization by means of programmer instruments and audio tables. Programmer instruments can play any audio file you specify in your game’s code, and so can be used to play different audio files depending on the currently selected language.

Information on audio tables may be found here (https://www.fmod.com/resources/documentation-studio?page=advanced-topics.html#audio-tables) and information on programmer instruments here (https://www.fmod.com/resources/documentation-studio?page=glossary.html#programmer-instrument) and here (https://www.fmod.com/resources/documentation-studio?page=working-with-instruments.html#programmer-instruments).


Thanks for the answer. I’m using CryEngine V. Can you tell me by the example of this engine? The engine already has Fmod built in, but I do not know how to import it into the engine. The engine does not allow to import sounds with the same names.

CryEngine’s FMOD integration is developed and maintained by CryTek. As such, we here at Firelight Technologies do not know enough about it to provide more than basic technical support. We therefore recommend you contact CryEngine support with any questions you might have about this integration.

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Hi Andrey & Joseph,

I’m bouncing on this subject, as documentation states we can use “Keys file” to handle localization.
I undrestand the idea behind tables, but I’ve got no idea of how to make it from start (in studio) to end (in code)
Does keys.txt files generate diffrent banks for different languages ?
If so, do I have to switch between banks at runtime ?

Thanks for you kind answer.

The keys.txt file is just a list of the assets in your audio tables. Assets can be identified by their keys, which means you can specify a particular key in order to play a particular asset through a programmer instrument. You can use this feature to select which version of a line of dialogue to play when you need to play a line of dialogue, which allows you to select a version that’s in a particular language.

You do not need multiple banks to do this, though you may create some if you choose.

Ok I see, thank you.

For now I ended patching the event name from “FR_MY_EVENT” to “EN_MY_EVENT” before playing it, as creating “keys.txt” file for hundreds of events is really not fun.