Voicelines matched to varying music BPM

So, I have an event with a long list of voicelines, and a delay effect, which will only be activated at particular moments of gameplay, when there will be high intensity music.

The delay effect needs to change to match the song that is playing. What’s the best way of doing this?

Should I reference the voiceline event in each song, with it’s own delay effect?


Likely the easiest way to handle this is with Command Instruments. You can create Command Instruments on your music events, and use them set a global parameter that represents the millisecond delay that corresponds to the music’s BPM i.e. 600ms for a quarter note at 100BPM. You can then automate the delay on your voiceline event using that global parameter. At runtime, when your music events trigger their command instruments, they’ll set the global parameter to the appropriate millisecond value, and your voiceline’s delay will automatically be set to that value as well.


oh interesting. thanks louis… command instruments and programmer instruments are two things I need to wrap my head around. I’m re-thinking how I’m handling all dialogue at this point.