Delaying an event by a parameter

If I understood well, there’s no way to delay an event by a time lapse set in a parameter. A kind of sustained point which would automatically follow through after a defined (and parameterizable) time. Why a such limitation? Is there a workaround? Shouldn’t it be on the list for a future release?

The simplest solution, if you don’t need the audio from the delayed instrument to sync with the timeline (if you have a snapshot instrument that needs to sync with the audio, for example), would be to simply use a delay effect on the delayed track or the master bus of the event.

I thought about this for a bit and came up with a novel solution if you want to do this on the timeline:

  1. Create a parameter “Time”, and set it from -5 to 0 (or negative however many seconds your longest delay would be. Default 0).
  2. On the Timeline, zoom in really small, down to milliseconds. Create a looping region from 0 to 0:00:010. Add condition > Parameter Condition, and set the left end of the green bar to 0). Click “Inverted” stop tell FMOD to NOT loop when at 0.
  3. Create a command instrument within the loop region (don’t let it be the same length as the looping region or this won’t work). Select type “Increment Parameter”. Target: “Time” parameter. Delta Value: 0.01.
  4. Place your instrument to be played right at the end of the loop region. (Tip: if it makes sense within the context of your entire event, you may want to set the instrument to Async and scale it down to the proportions of the tiny loop region you made).
  5. When you play your event, have your engineer set the Time parameter to the desired negative seconds before playing the event.

Only problem with this approach is that the project doesn’t validate, pointing to that command instrument at the culprit. Maybe someone at Firelight can clarify why. But it runs just fine!

Thanks! The delay should do the trick. I will test your other solution too!

The delay effect trick works well. But the automation curve is not easy to find, since it’s logarithmic but not linearily logarithmic. For those wondering, the delay is linear between 1 ms and 10 ms, 10 to 100, 100 to 1 sec, 1 sec to 5 sec.

I was noticing that too when I was testing some options out to suggest. Seems like a pretty worthy feature request: both linear and log slope options on applicable plugin parameters like this one. As you pointed out, it would be especially helpful for automation.

Hi @magomusica, I’m the original poster of this file with another profile.
Now that I’m more experienced with FMOD, I eventually found out an even simple and better way to do so:

By the way, I think there should be a sort of wiki with a comprehensive list of those kind of designs that are found by users or devs to do things that do not have a specific function for it.

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