Webgl audio distortion/crackling

I’ve been switching to fmod in our project and it works fine but in webgl a very bad sound cracking/poping effect is heard.

I’ve tried setting the quality of audio compression to 100% but it doesn’t improve.

using Unity 2022.2.11
using Fmod 2.02.11

What could be the cause?


This may be related to an issue here: Net Stream hiccups at a regular rate, which was resolved in our 2.02.13 update. Could you try updating your integration and lt me know if that helps!

I updated and rebuilt and It doesn’t resolve the issue. A bit more digging revealed its only happening in my computer so far and only in chromium browsers (Opera, Edge, Chrome). Even the Unity WebGL Player | Unity HTML Demo example has the same issue with distortion and crackling.

I can provide more info if necessary to be able to dig up the issue

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Thank you for sharing that information, I will link to another issue that might have a solution to the problem here: Audio cracking on web depending on server? - #2 by jeff_fmod.

In the meantime, any other information you are able to provide would be useful.

Tried in different servers and performance settings and the issue persists. I think now I have narrowed the issue even more, it only happens when using any headphone jack in the computer. I assume its a driver/hardware problem in conjunction with something that Fmod and chromium are doing together.
At this point I consider the issue so specific and narrow that I don’t think its worth it to invest more time on it.

Thank you for the help.

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Thank you for sharing your findings.

Hello SwingWren,

May I know what is the solution you chose in the end? Thanks

As the issue for me it was related to the audio jack I just stop using it

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