WebGL, sound only works after Chrome dev tools opened

I have paused my eventinstance on start up, and I have added a button to my project that unpauses and repauses my audio, to get round the browser restrictions on audio starting without interaction. However, this only seems to work when I open Chromes Dev tools console. Any idea why this might be?

My project is here:

Rather than immediately pausing have you tried the recommended workaround of calling mixerSuspend and mixerResume on the first button press? i.e


if (eventEmitter.IsPlaying())

If that is still misbehaving, please let me know your Unity and FMOD versions and I’ll look more into it!

Great, that seems to have fixed it. I thought I tried that fix before and it wasn’t working, but seems to be fine now. I’ve continued with setpaused to start and stop my audio, as that seems to work. We are using an eventistance rather than emitter, so it doesn’t have an isplaying() method, so I rely on a boolean to determine what to setpaused to on the button press. Thanks for your help.