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Just transitioning a commercial project to webGL now and am hoping to get a copy of the current build that supports this(FMOD-webGL). If that is not possible then can someone help me figure out how to use directives to take out FMOD entirely? I don’t need the features it provides for web use at the moment. My main errors are “copy bank…”. I’m trying to avoid creating an entirely FMOD-free project but that is my next direction.

Thank you!

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Are you talking about unity? You havent mentioned unity at all.

The WebGL build of FMOD Studio is already on the website.

A html5 unity plugin is being worked on and should come out in the next release.

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Brett, looking at the change logs for the most recent versions, I don’t see anything that might apply to the problem I have – not being able to make a webgl build in Unity. I have version 1.09.08 so I’m not terribly out-of-date. I had read your comment in another thread (see below) that seemed to imply some new changes in this area. That has not been released yet, correct? I don’t want to try installing anything unless there is a likelihood of this issue being addressed. Thank you.

Brett Paterson
Brett Paterson5 days ago
just got this working, should be available in the next version

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the comment you replied to has all the information you need about what is supported and when the unity version will come out.

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Yes, Unity. Thank you! I saw another post that referred to a “coming soon” release and did not realize it was already released. I will take a look.