Unity WebGL Build

(Locke Yang) #1

I am using FMOD(1.9.06) and Unity to make my mobile game. I tried to port my game to WebGL. Threre are compilation error in FMOD. How do I build Unity WebGL with FMOD?

(Cameron Baron) #2

We are currently working with Unity on making FMOD available for WebGL, we do not have an estimate for a release date at the moment.

(Vincent Sergent) #3

Hi :slight_smile:

Do you think that will be release in one month? six months? one year? We are working on a mobile game, the GOLD version is early September.

(Cameron Baron) #4

At the moment, tentatively about a month.

(Utz Stauder) #5

Hey Cameron,
do you already have a release date for the WebGL feature? Thank you in advance for any info.

(Cameron Baron) #6

Apologies for the delay, it looks like the blockers that were originally in place are no close to being resolved. Unfortunately due to issues out of our control, we are unable to give any sort of estimate at the moment.

(Joe Kim) #7

Is there an answer for this yet?

If so , please enlighten me lol :slight_smile:

(Brett Paterson) #8

have a look on the download page, it was released ages ago