Weird issue: unable to extract fmod engine linux package 2.02.16 to 2.02.14 on fedora linux 38

Hi there, i downloaded the fmod engine linux package and I am trying to extract it so as to use it in a project which already uses fmod on window.
However I have a very strange issue: i am unable to extract the files. I tried via the gnome files and via the command line but i can not. Any feedback is more than welcome.

edit: i am not able to decompress 2.02.16, 2.02.15, 2.02.14 but I decompressed 2.02.12 and 2.02.13, could it be a release issue? i guess it is unlikely that I would be the first to report a broken package!


Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce the issue on Fedora 38 and was able to successfully extract the Linux engine.
What happens when you try to extract the file? Are there any logs or more information about why it is failing?

Hi, i am sorry for the late reply, i haven’t looked into it since august. I get a very strange behavior that has never happened to me before. I extract the archive and i get again the same archive. either via the gnome UI using the mouse either from the the terminal with tar -xf fmod.tar.gz it just doesn’t uncompres/extract. i just tested 2.02.17 as well