What can cause "FMOD error! (13) Error loading file." when loading a codec plugin?

I’ve created several succesful codec plugins, but when I’ve succesfully compiled this 3rd party library using my standard code for an FMOD codec plugin I get:
"FMOD error! (13) Error loading file. (FMOD_ERR_FILE_BAD) when loading the .dll.

If I remove some code I can load it, so it seems there are some specific (c++/asm mingw compiled) code that causes it.

So, what may cause this problem?


What version of the FMOD integration are you using?

Could you call Debug_Initialize with the logging flag set to FMOD_DEBUG_LEVEL_LOG. Please note that you will have to use the fmodstudioL lib and dll. Could you please share the Logs here?

I’m using version: 15/3/22 2.02.06 - Studio API minor release (build 124257)

When enabling logging I get:

No FMOD symbols found in dynamic library 'plugin/codec_lazyusf.dll'

I’m using the same plugin skeleton code as always and if I remove the included 3rd party code and compile I can load the plugin. Any ideas?


Apologies for the delayed response. The issue may be that the third-party code has introduced a dependency that hasn’t been satisfied, causing the library to fail loading. A solution may be using a tool like Dependencies to see what it might be.

Hope this helps!

I checked with Dependencies but no dependencies were missing. Any other ideas?


Would it be possible to get the plugin uploaded to your profile? Please note you must register a project with us before uploading files.

Hi, I’ve now uploaded the plugin to my profile.

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Apologies for the delayed response again.

Thank you for uploading that, having a look at the codec in VSCode I cannot see FMODGetCodecDescription anywhere. This is required to be able to load the codec correctly. Is it possible that the 3rd party you are using is replacing these functions?