where are the ios specific h files?

I’m looking for event driver options for the new studio api but I dont see anything that is specific to ios in the provided h files.

also, in the ex api, there is FMOD_IPhone_RestoreAudioSession.

I dont see an equivalent call, but then again, I dont have any ios specific code so I’m afraid I just don’t know whether it exists.

With FMOD5 / FMOD Studio we removed all the iOS specific APIs. It is now the responsibility of the developer to use the native AudioSession API if needed. We were essentially wrapping a lot of the behavior in a limited fashion, it is now simpler to just use the standard API.

There is a new cross-platform FMOD API for handling interruptions and it’s detailed in the iOS docs, it should give you the info you need.

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Thanks, it might be good to include this with the distribution. When I see docs in the distribution, I assume it contains everything I need.

That information is in the distribution, it’s part of the iOS CHM docs under “basic information”.

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