FMOD Studio API platforms / docs

Being new to the FMOD-scene I was wondering if Linux support (32-/64-bit) is planned for the FMOD Studio API? If so, what timeframe are we looking at? Linux support is kind of essential to one of the products I’m developing right now, so should I fall back to the FMOD Ex API?

Additionally – what iOS (and hardware) versions are supported by the FMOD Studio API? I’m aiming for iOS 5 on the iPhone 3GS and up – are those known to be supported?

Sorry to also have to vent some frustration, but are you aware that the Mac OS X download of FMOD Studio does not include any useful documentation and/or pointers to sane API documentation?

After spending hours and hours of searching the web in vain, I found out that the Windows installer (which can’t be unpacked without additional tools on Mac OS X) contains an ‘fmod.chm’ file that I can open with iChm. However, it doesn’t seem to be up-to-date as it references FMOD Ex’s Channels and ChannelGroups and not the new ChannelControl class

Do you have any plans of updating this API documentation to properly document the FMOD Studio API and to be supported on Mac OS X? It seems out of place for a $15,000.00 piece of software to come without sane documentation for a supported platform, but that might just be me.

Again, sorry to vent my hours of frustration here; I’m still looking forward to hearing from you.



Hi Robert,
Sorry to hear your frustrations about Studio API. We are aware that the documentation is currently lacking and it is a high priority for us. The packaging process for including Studio API documentation for all platforms will be operational either by next monday’s release, or at worst case on the following monday for a follow up point release. There has also been time scheduled for improving the API docs and creating a basic concepts and best practices document.

I will let a low level programmer answer your specific questions regarding iOS and planned Linux support.

We have scheduled Linux support for the end of this year but if that is a blocker for you using Studio we might be able to get you an early preview version depending on your timeline.

Regarding iOS we support all devices supported by the latest version of Xcode, i.e. we follow the Apple deprecation path for older devices. Currently this goes back to iOS 4.3 and iPhone 3GS.

Thanks for your answers!

I got FMOD integrated and running on Windows, Mac OS X and an iOS 5.0 iPhone 3GS without too many (non-doc related) problems. I’m looking forward to the Linux support; we’re aiming at a summer of 2014 release so we’ve got some leeway there.

Are there plans on supporting the Raspberry Pi and/or other ARM-based Linux devices as well? It’s not really a core target platform for us, but it might be nice to be able to release our project for it in the future.

We don’t currently have any plans for Raspberry Pi but with a source license someone from could probably walk you through the necessary steps to get the Linux version working on the device. Performance might be a concern though.

Just FYI Channel and ChannelGroup are derived from ChannelControl - so the docs are valid there (although there are gaps in the content) - note how the C API doesnt have channelcontrol, it just expands the 2 classes out.
We’ll have to make this more obvious in the new version of the docs, and probably include channelcontrol in the class listing too, just letting you know.