Where can I get some fmod params to create special voice

I want to create some cool voice,but the demo which supply is easy.anybody can support some DSP params to make me to create


For parameter configuration related to DSP, please see: FMOD Engine | 7. Core API Reference | DSPcreating, here are also a few suggestions to get you started:

1. Echo and Reverb

Adding echo(FMOD Engine | 7. Core API Reference | Effect Parameters | FMOD_DSP_ECHO) and reverb(FMOD Engine | 7. Core API Reference | Effect Parameters | FMOD_DSP_SFXREVERB) can create a spacious, ambient effect.

2. Pitch Shift

Changing the pitch(FMOD Engine | 7. Core API Reference | Effect Parameters | FMOD_DSP_PITCHSHIFT) of the voice can help to create interesting effects.

3. Distortion

Adding some distortion(FMOD Engine | 7. Core API Reference | Effect Parameters | FMOD_DSP_DISTORTION) can give a grungy or robotic feel.

Alternatively, you could check out the FMOD Unity Feature Demo available on GitHub. This demo showcases a variety of FMOD features integrated within Unity and FMOD Studio. You can find the demo here: FMOD Unity Feature Demo

Hope it helps, let me know if you have any questions.

by the way,if I want to change the voice. such as change to femal from male.or change young from old.which param I can use

For changing voice, FMOD does not really have any easy built-in parameters or tools to implement the function you described.

I would suggest checking out our record example at FMOD Studio API\api\core\examples\record.cpp. This example shows recording from the microphone and applying a DSP effect to it with live playback. You can swap the DSP effect out for any other effect you desire.

For more information, I will link a similar post here: