I need change voice

  • How to modify the timbre of a voice, such as a male voice to a female voice

This is an extremely complex question, as timbre is an extremely complex subject; a comprehensive discussion of the topic would fill a book, and would be far too large to be contained in a single forum thread. Let it suffice to say, FMOD Studio does not have any easy built-in tool that performs the kind of male-to-female voice transformation you describe.

I’m honestly not sure if it’s possible to build a realtime male-to-female voice changer using FMOD effects… You could potentially use our effects to alter an existing predefined voice clip, but even then it would be a difficult task. You’d have to manually identify each formant and automate the properties of the effects processing the signal to modify it in the way appropriate to that specific formant; a real-time version capable of handling arbitrary voice streams would need some way of recognizing the formants in real time.