where did FMOD_StudioEventEmitter.getPlaybackPos() go?


I just updated to Unity 5.2.2p1, which then required me to get the latest FMod Studio integration due to incompatibilities. After bringing in the newest FMod Studio Unity integration (10702) , some code broke that is trying to get the playback position of an event that was triggered. There used to be a “getPlaybackPos()” function on FMOD_StudioEventEmitter, but it looks like its gone. How can get I get at that information now?



There’s never been a getPlaybackPos() function in the official source of FMOD_StudioEventEmitter. I believe you’ve overwritten a local modification of the source.

ha, you’re right. It looks like it was a helper function we had added to the integration that I forget was us:

public int getPlaybackPos()
    if (evt == null || !evt.isValid())
        return 0;

    int result;
    evt.getTimelinePosition(out result);
    return result;